One of the ingredients to having a healthy body and good overall health is meditation. I, Allen Shourds, RN, owner of Go Healthy Body Enterprises, recommend a meditation program developed by a gentleman named Eddie Sergey. The meditation comes is four parts. They are Manifestation, Money Magic, Relationship Magic and Health Reboot and are downloadable to your computer and/or cell phone. They are 15 minutes each and headphones are required. The following is a breakdown with pricing.

  1. Manifestation — includes three 15 minute MP3 tracks plus a bonus sleep track , a bonus PDF — Manifestation Wizardry and a Jump Start Guide.   Price: $49
  2. Money Magic –includes three 15 minute MP3 meditation tracks plus two bonus MP3 tracks for a total of five 15 minute tracks.    Price: $67
  3. Relationship Magic: includes three 15 minute MP3 tracks.   Price: $47
  4. Health Reboot includes two MP3 meditation tracks.   Price: $47

The total price for the program is $210 plus any applicable sales tax.

The recommendation by Eddie Sergey is to do one 15 minute meditation in a quiet area using headphones once daily for seven days, starting with the first manifestation meditation. Then the second manifestation MP3 for seven days etc. This will take 13 weeks to complete the program. Then you can take 2 weeks off and repeat the program.

For further information and/or to purchase the program, go to  the following link which will take you to a video presentation where you are able to purchase the program.

Eddie Sergey Guided Meditation

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