Welcome to STAKEBASE, you are about to connect to what many experts are saying is the only way of the future with Cryptocurrency. We are talking about access to Proof of Stake Coins. This is the access to Bitcoin Green (BTG) that is a “Green” version of the previously better known Bitcoin. No matter how you look at the way Crypto has become today’s currency leading into our futures; wasted resources will come to an end as we prepare properly for our future. Proof of Stake is far more efficient, speedier in transit, and by far better for the environment and everything related to the “costs” related to the CryptoCurrency.


Why do I need STAKEBASE?

You need this STAKEBASE to be a part of your Crypto Currency Portfolio, Game Plan, and Future:
If you are new to Cryptocurrency -you just stumbled upon a Golden Nugget of info and solution. STAKEBASE the only Cryptocurrency Exchange and Wallet we recommend for dealing with and for staking Crypto. With  STAKEBASE only vetted (by Crypto Experts) COINS are allowed onto the platform/exchange. And only Crypto (coins) that are able to be Staked are allowed as well. Making this the first and best haven for Proof of Stake Coins.

Enrolling is Free..(Get Started Here) And Using STAKEBASE is easy. And watching Proof of Stake work is FUN!

Early sign-ups will receive reduced trading and staking fees. So Register for Free Today.

Staking is one of the ways for mining Cryptocurrency. By staking you are providing the Network support to find more blocks and at a faster rate!

The cryptocurrency era is here, and with it are multiple opportunities for people to make money. One of easiest ways to make money in the crypto space is through staking. So what exactly is staking? Staking simply stands for holding a cryptocurrency in your wallet for a fixed period, then earning interest on it. The reward that one earns from staking varies depending on the length of the time that they hold it. As a result (generally) the longer the stake duration, the higher the returns. Therefore, proof of Stake (PoS) mining is made easy.

Fully Automated and Web Based No technical knowledge or downloads required.

Bitcoin Green

STAKEBASE is powered by Bitcoin Green: An energy-efficient and sustainable cryptocurrency. Because we should always care about our Carbon Footprint.

Significantly lower trading and withdraw fees : Don’t pay more than you have to. Because it is time to end the high fees for users in Crypto. STAKEBASE is disrupting the disruptors!) Fees can and have gone from acceptable to insane. Disrupt the waste, because this is about making everything better.

No lockups and instant withdraw. Be your own Bank. Say no to controls on your money.

Detailed Analytics Dashboard : Watch your balances grow in real time and receive notifications. Furthermore, this is all about the power of knowing and having access to real-time data.

What are some advantages of staking cryptocurrency (Coin)?
Prior to the understanding and deployment of Proof of Stake, we have all invested in the heavy costs and operation of “Mining” Equipment. One of the main advantages of staking is that it removes the entire need to invest in mining hardware. Likewise with all things, removing the waste and doing things right is always a better way. Because disrupting the money systems only disrupts when it makes everything better.

Because there is no mining equipment to buy, house and pay for its power, things become way simpler. Furthermore, you just need to purchase the coins and hold them in your wallet. The next thing to do is to sit back and watch as your wallet balance grows in value. It’s quite an easy way to make money.

The other advantage of staking is that it gives you a guaranteed and predictable source of income. That’s because of the value of coin increases in predictable figures. It’s the same as putting money in a fixed account. Your staked coin is always there.


STAKEBASE was designed and created with a few key objectives in mind:

STAKEBASE aims to help democratize the staking process by making it super easy for non-technical users to get started. Setting up your own staking traditionally involves an understanding of Linux, cloud server hosting, and other technical subject matter. We do all the hard work, so you don’t have to!

STAKEBASE is designed to be a marketplace for sustainable cryptocurrencies. Proof-of-work, the technology used to secure the Bitcoin network, uses more energy than the majority of the world’s countries. We believe mass adoption of proof-of-stake is the path to energy-efficiency and long-term cryptocurrency viability-and that a focused marketplace can help achieve that goal.

-We believe it should be affordable to stake: with our referral program, if you get 5 people to sign up, then the platform can be free for life! (Receiving 20% of 5 peoples’ fees means you pay 0 fees, assuming those 5 people stake and trade as much as you do on average. Sign up and open your user dashboard for more information on our referral program.) Seems like all you can gain is growing the future as you help spread the word. Because together we can do far more than apart.


Community Coin Vote

STAKEBASE community demand will be heavily factored into our listing process. The Community gains say. This is a key part of the future with all the users within the fast-paced growing community.

Stake your coins, while you trade.
STAKEBASE is the first cryptocurrency exchange allowing users to automatically earn proof-of-stake along with Masternode rewards on their deposited coins.  It is also leading the way towards the future of Crypto.

Masternodes allow the Coin to maintain and function. This is all something handled now through the structure with STAKEBASE

Because this is more of a solution based Community, the requirements and needs for insane overheads to be part of the Crypto Community are over. Welcome to the better way. Welcome to STAKEBASE.

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Author: Allen

Posted On: October 9, 2018 @ 3:48 AM

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