My name is Allen Shourds and I have a lot to offer in the Health and Fitness  category.  The first is Valentus.  Valentus (the Latin word for prevail–which is defined as proving to be superior in strength, power and influence) is a manufacturer fine coffee, cocoa and other  beverages and healthy  products. These products include:

  1. Slim Roast Coffee– (Choice of Italian, Optimum or Brazilian)–Goes well with Keto Creamer.
  2. Slim Roast Cocoa– Goes well with Keto Creamer.
  3. Prevail Energy Drink–Specially formulated with pure natural ingredients, Prevail Energy is designed to give you a healthy boost of energy, without the harmful artificial stimulants.
  4. Trim Weight Management Bars– Health and weight management.
  5. Immune Bar (Prevail)– Supports immune health.
  6. Prevail MAX Nutrition Bar–A nutritional breakthrough for you cells.
  7. Prevail K-9 Bar–  A Nutritional breakthrough for your pet dog’s cells.
  8. Breakthrough AM/PM–  Twelve day cleanse to detoxify (Should be done once every three months).
  9. Keto Creamer– Promotes natural Ketogenesis.

Valentus Company History

Valentus is a network marketing company  founded by Dave Jordan and is based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, U.S.A.  It was founded in  2014.   It is steadily growing.  You can join as a customer or a distributor.  The initial investment for becoming a distributor  ranges from $80 for the entry level which gives you one product and a website plus access to tutorial videos and  accees to weekly live conference calls  to $500 for the Business Builder, which gives you all of the products listed above–(a total of 16 boxes),  a  website, several tutorial videos and access to weekly live conference calls.   For further information, and/or to sign up as a customer or a distributor, go to the following link



I have found the solution to our daily struggles with food and weight with this amazing  hot cocoa. (I personally don’t drink coffee but I do enjoy hot chocolate/ cocoa).

Now, please pay attention, because I have literally found a way to have my cake and eat it too! And I wrote this to do the same for you and anyone else wanting to look and feel great, and who wants to “Live” with the Finer Foods, Fine Wines and the lifestyle that provides. And with this new found friend for your Mornings, you can eat the Finer Things without the worry or guilt of what it may do to your waistline.

coffee and wineDo you know what makes a morning with Coffee or Hot Cocoa even better?

Let this “Amazing” Morning Coffee or Hot Cocoa help you to lose  unwanted fat.

I am probably a typical person when it comes to my eating habits, routines and lifestyle. Typical that is for a “Foodie”! YES!!! I am a lover of FINE THINGS… and I am very proud of my tastes for Food, Wines, and Chocolate. Now a great piece of Pie, or piece of Cheesecake – well that is hard to pass up as well. You will also notice that food tastes even Better. And while your portion control will naturally decrease, this coffee or hot cocoa actually effects you to where you are not wanting to eat and eat for comfort.

Here is what I Want. We’ll call it “My Cake”.

We all want to wake up and be excited to get on with the Day. To be Alert and ready to make a difference. For me I want to focus daily on my goals. Financially, Spiritually, Physically, and Mentally.

I Want to be able to Impact the Lives of Others. To help them grow, and build, and to help them create Time, Financial, and overall Freedom.

I want to be able to Eat Fine Foods as I share quality time with others. To enjoy amazing cooking, and the art of Food. I am a huge lover of Wine. And not just any Wine, but Fine Wines. I have blessed and have enjoyed the years of being able to wind down with Wine. To end the day right; to reflect on what was accomplished and to spend time with friends and family.   I enjoy sharing the day, and the plans for the future. Even the future of tomorrow, next week, next month.

These are the Side Effects of me with “My Cake” and me “Eating My Cake” (Before I found my Solution)

I would wake up, eager to face the day. Get the morning Hot Chocolate going, get situated and going for the day. Pouring everything I could each and every day into making things better, brighter and fuller for everyone I can impact, touch with wisdom and influence to be the best them.

As I do this, I have often enjoyed great food and fine wines. I’m am even conscious of my health needs, replacing meals with nutritious and low calorie shakes. I trade bad choices for good choices, so in theory I could still enjoy all the Fine Foods and Fine Wine in the evenings, what I refer to as “celebrating the day”.

And these are the Side Effects of me with “My Cake” and me “Eating My Cake” (After I found my Solution)

coffee and wineThis is where  hot cocoa  and wine comes into my life all the time now. Plus I am able to share this with those around me. It is a wonderful thing. I literally feel like I have found the “Unicorn” of weight management. Though I have no intention to keep it a secret and literally share it with anyone I can. We only live once right!

With our Coffee or Hot Cocoa – AMAZING stuff that helps you FEEL GREAT and Decrease Fat., And those pesky INCHES around the gut, thighs, butt. You will want to thank me forever, as I am already thanking the friend that shared this with me. I am able to stay thin– I am 5’7 and weigh 146 lbs,   I really just drink 2 cups of great tasting hot cocoa in morning. It makes me feel great and gives me a lot of energy. This is proven energy boost Hot Cocoa.  Common sense applied, I Eat sensibly, and enjoy a great Dinner (with Wine) throughout the week. We also have our fun, and “splurges” with our weekly Date Nights. Plus, we get to look and feel great – all because  of Valentus products.

Thank you and have a great day.

Allen  Shourds, R.N.